Wet, Oil, and Dry Pressing [For Cosmetic Powders]

Pressing is compressing a loose cosmetic powder into a solid compact powder in a pan or "godet". Since I have a bit of experience of all three pressing methods that I know about, I'd like to ramble some about what I've learned so far. Regardless of which method you ultimately decide on, you're going to [...]



A shade I made that I'm in looove with :3 If you don't know how easy-peasy it is to make your own custom eyeshadows, I have many posts on the subject.  🙂 Homemade Cosmetics 101 Making Trends: Smokey Eye How I Prepare To Make Eyeshadow Ingredient Spotlights: Titanium Dioxide Mica Powder  

How I Prepare To Make Eyeshadows

Making eyeshadows can take a while even when you're fully prepared and have done it a million times, because of the hand-grinding and careful measurements.  But, without the proper preparation, it can be really unpleasant and discouraging, making you feel like you're all thumbs.

Titanium Dioxide

Notes and info on titanium dioxide in cosmetics, and how to use it in your own homemade makeup.

All About Mica [Powder]

Mica pigments, mica powder, mica makeup, and mica alternatives for mica-free makeup ;3

Please don’t light your makeup on fire :/

I don't [want to] know what started this trend of doing a check on makeup to test flammability, but... yes.  Yes, it is flammable.  There are many chemicals in your makeup, and yes they do catch fire.  Some of the ingredients come with the warning "slight fire hazard.  Powder/air mixture may ignite or explode in [...]

Making Trends: Smokey Eye

Making Trends is a series centered around makeup trends online and how anyone can make the required products themselves at home from scratch.  This isn't a casual DIY as learning about cosmetic ingredients is a must, but it isn't a huge time or money investment the way hobbies full of passion can sometimes be.  Definitely worth a try for any makeup enthusiast on a budget! Smokey Eye post

Formulating A Base- New Chart!

You may need several base powders for different pigments in your shadows, highlighters, blushes, contours, and foundations.  Different pigments require different base properties. Micas as colorants won't need as much aid in oil absorption and color retention as iron oxides do.  Opacity isn't an issue for iron oxides but poses problems in mica-colored shades.  And [...]