An Intro

Since I feel like my wordpress topics here are a bit sporadic, a little introduction seems appropriate, so you know exactly what to expect from me here.  Yes, I look angry and uncomfortable in my photos, but I promise I don’t bite.  xD



Back in the stone-ages [AKA 2005 or so] I was in a creative rut due to the fact I had been trying to draw since my childhood and never could seem to improve.  Shortly after, MySpace sprang out of nowhere, and that’s where I first discovered digital art.  After begging forever, I finally talked my parents into getting me a copy of Paint Shop Pro 9, and I couldn’t have been any happier.

I grew fond of the program and quickly adapted to it with the help of various digital art groups on MySpace, even eventually entering art contests they held.  Lord do I miss those simpler times of social media.  (Your prize for winning was just a graphic made by the group owner and honestly nobody even got mad.  We loved it.)

In 2009, I finally got Photoshop, and luckily for me I found it functioned very similarly to PSP9.  I have been using it ever since :3

The same year, I discovered stock photography and photomanipulations on deviantArt and found a new passion.  However, after a few years, I grew tired of using other peoples’ stock photos and decided to buy a decent camera.



While sorting through tons of camera bodies and lenses, I found yet another artistic endeavor in photography – not just stock photos, but nature, insects, animals, and artistic portraits, namely ones with a lot of fun lighting and makeup designs.

About a year ago this month I was surprised with a Canon Rebel t3i for my birthday, and it’s my baby.  I still have a lot to learn and practice that needs to happen, so in a way this blog is part of that practice.

With nature, insect, and animal photos under my belt I can finally focus on artistic portraits as soon as my living space is fixed up.  I have plenty of plans, ideas, inspirations, all saved up and ready for me to go, as well as many drawn-up plans and props stashed away for such a time.  Can’t wait :DD



I first got into cosmetic creation about a year ago.  I was searching online for cruelty-free & vegan makeup for photography projects when I discovered Etsy and the hand-crafted products there.  I was amazed that people could make these things in their own house, and decided to try it out myself, thinking of it as a cost-effective way to fuel my projects, which will rely heavily on lots of various make-ups.

My base formula is getting a makeover, but soon after I will open an Etsy of my own, where you can purchase my own products!  :3  I’m wanting to focus on vegan makeup that photographs well, as that’s an issue for a lot of people.



As of right now, my day-to-day life consists of a day job working with family, taking care of the house and my pets, and dealing with one injury after another, it seems.  I not only have a fragment of my back that broke off and is still in me pressing on a sciatic nerve, but a stomach bleeding issue as well.  These things slow me down artistically and especially on here, but slow and steady wins the race anyway, right?  😉



My pets are many, and I take care of stray cats here as well as a registered colony manager, but I’ve had an empty house with no pets before, and it’s misery for me.  I’m much happier in a crowded fuzzy house than an empty one.


Bad News :/

Unfortunately I have a bulging disk in my back

I’m on so much medication and pain that I can’t bring myself to write much here for now

It’s going to take time and physical therapy, so my posts will be on hold for a while until I’m 100% again